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Naum Bleek

Known as Dry Ice, a member of hip-hop group EK-Playaz. In September 2001 he released his first solo album Re:поэты, which lyrics were all taken from poems written by Russian classics (Mayakovsky, Pasternak, Brodsky, Chorny, and others).

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Ivan Zolotukhin

Animated film director. Graduated from USAAA and VGIK, worked at Sverdlovsk Film Studio. Works as a director and animator at 2×2 TV channel.

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Black is an animated music video for the song of the same name written by rapper Naum Bleek. The song is based on a 1909 poem by Sasha Chorny, а classic Russian poet. The poem’s protagonist is a poet balancing on the edge of reality, nightmare, and immortality.


Lyrics taken from "Stylized donkey" by Sasha Chorny (A. Glickberg)
translated from Russian by Eugeniy Utkin

My head is a dark lantern with broken glass,
With four sides open to hostile winds.
At nights I hang around with dissolute drunken hussies,
In the mornings I go to the doctors.

I’m a blister on the seat of the great Russian literature,
Thunder, blow me to four hundred and eight pieces!
I’ll get naked and achieve scandalous-worldwide fame,
And sit down like a blind beggar at the crossroads of ways.

I love oranges and all the things that rhyme accidentally,
I have the temperament of a macaque and nerves made of steel.
Let any conservative be angry and sulky out of envy,
Let them yell: "Not poetry, just rubbish!"

You're lying! I’m a pimple on the eternal seat of poetry,
Glossy, red, songful and coral pimple.
Pimple with a head that is whiter than unspeakably burnt magnesia,
And coxcomb that is broken in most gallant, overfree, mannered ways.

Oh, philological, thin and resonant hocus-pocuses!
I’ll peck you, I’ll kick up, I’ll bite my own elbow.
Those who do not understand are just ignoramuses. Dash you! Go to hell!
I despise the mob. Will I write? Oh I will, yes, I will.

I will write with my stomach and nostril, with my feet and my heels,
I’ll impart crazy sweep to some two-cents-thoughts,
Rhyme all this stuff with crumpled eggs for style,
And walk the streets, walk on my shameless hands...

Are you awake?



Sasha Chorny (1909)
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Producer, director, art-director:
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Vladimir Zakharov
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Details: original language: Russian, subtitles: English, duration 2 min 10 sec, country of production: Russia, format 16:9 widescreen, Full HD 1920x1080, color, stereo, 2013
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